Saturday, November 18, 2006

Book Review -- Continued

Book Review -- Practical Demonkeeping by Christopher Moore.

I finished the novel last night.  Good news, the good guys won and sent the demon back to Hell to be chained to a rock.  It took ingenuity and the cooperation of the whole town to manage to outsmart the creature.  It was a fanciful and charming novel from start to finish, but you gotta understand Moore.

Moore mixes fantasy and homespun reality in all of his works. It shows how real people would deal with magic if they suddenly were confronted by it. 




garnett109 said...

So I guess the butler didn't do it! Have a great weekend !

mtrib2 said...

I enjoy reading tremendously.    My reading consists of: 'Smithsonian', 'The Wilson Quarterly', 'National Geographic', and 'American Art Review'.    I like reading about history and world politics.     I recently read about the Sunni, the Shia, and the Kurds from the perspective of their individual backgrounds and how that is manifested in today's conflict in Iraq.    I just finished reading in 'Wired Magazine' about people who do not recognize people's faces.    How it affects them as some cannot recognize anyone even their parents.    Otherwise the people are normal intellegent people except for this trait.     Reading opens the mind to a world of such infinitely tremendous thought.    I must lay on my board and lounge cushion to concentrate because of my chronic back pain but then I can read for hours.     I admire writer's ability to connect with the readers on so many levels through their use of language.     I try to learn what it takes to write at a greater level of ability.      mark