Saturday, November 25, 2006

Snow on the Roses -- Part II

I recently wrote about winter roses, how they stand taller, blossom bigger, and reach out to be noticed. 

I made this a metaphor for old age, saying we make a final effort to be noticed and to leave a legacy, and strive harder.  I anthropomorphized the roses, saying they were striving to catch the attention of the last bees of the season, the last hummingbirds who have not migrated, so they could be pollenized, like their spring forebearers. 

But I failed to show the pictures that prove my point.  So here are the winter roses, reaching higher, striving to be noticed, with their biggest blossoms of the year.

And as an added bonus, a carpet of autumn leaves, to make a belated entry into the Photo Scavenger Hunt, "Leaves".



jennyp51 said...

I love roses.  It's been so mild in the uk some of mine are still blooming and they smell lovely.
Jenny <><

garnett109 said...

they would of died here in PA. in the begaining of oct. here great pictures and thanks forsharing !

madcobug said...

Those roses are beautiful. I like the leaves also. I saw a beautiful butterfly yesterday here in AL. I could hardly believe my eyes it being almost in Dec. Helen

plieck30 said...

My one rose bush is full of blooms again. I must remember to give it a drink tomorrow. Paula

mtrib2 said...

I believe your words in combination with the photos of the roses make me see them from your perspective.    I feel the photos add a sense of serenity that could also be attributed to reaching older age.    The roses are beautiful!    mark

sylviam4000 said...

A rose in winter is worth 2 in the summer. thanks for these lovely pics. Hope you are behaving yourself as usual Charles lol.
Nice to catch up with you.
Love Sylvia