Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Snow on the Roses

First, I went to vote.  Then I went out to un latch the gates to the garden.  We keep it locked at night just in case any transients try to stroll through.

What impressed me were the roses in the rose garden.  Here it is November, and there are the second blooming roses blissfully unaware that it is nearly winter.  They are big and they are gorgeous.

Not every rose bush produces blooms this late, but the ones who do really make a show.  They are fewer in number of  blossoms, but each one is bigger than the spring blossom that preceded it. It is as if they are trying to make one final burst of glory before going to bed for the winter.

How appropriate for a garden at the old folks home.  We are in our November too.  Our kids are grown and have kids of their own, and only if we make a special effort can we blossom now, and show what root stock produced us.  It is easy to grouse and grumble, but we can, if we will, see the beautiful side of life.  We can produce one more bloom before winter, and it can be the most beautiful one of all.

I once read a poem about snow on the roses, but I had no idea what it meant until I visited our rose garden today in November.


P.S.  Jackie in Alabama just sent me the link to the song and lyrics....Snow on the Roses.  Beautiful  http://www.cowboylyrics.com/tabs/james-sonny/snow-is-on-the-roses-5240.html


garnett109 said...

Great entry! People's lives are fast pace no one get's to stop and enjoy the rose's thanks my friend!

tellsg said...

What a thought provoking analogy.  I really enjoyed your entry.


pdojpo1980 said...

Dear Chuck,
I began to read your journal many months back but have never left a comment.  This entry about "Snow on the Roses" really touched my heart, firstly, because I work as an Activity Assistant in a health care center, and secondly, because I love roses!  I would like your permission to share this lovely reflection with my residents.  You are quite the writer--very poetic at times!  My name is Paula and I live in Ohio.  Keep on writing and sharing your gifts!  God Bless You!

reconcilinglife said...

Beautiful entry Chuck...............why I read you. Bam

funnyface0s0 said...

Hello Chuck - what a lovely entry, its given me the 'feel good' factor.
Thank you
Luv Jayne x

pdojpo1980 said...

Dear Chuck,
Do you remember that poem you read about snow on the roses?  I would love to read it and share it at my Poetry Corner with the residents at the health care center.  Must do a search on the net for it if you don't have it!  Thanks! Paula in Ohio

msecz said...

thank you for this beautiful entry