Thursday, November 2, 2006

Still Struggling

Still strugging with getting the journal page to look the way I like.  New reader, Helen, (see comment in entry below) says write in large type. Then highlight the whole item, select size I want finished project to be, click on it, and then save.

Well, Helen, thanks and here we go.

Trial joy.

Here is trial joy

Here is trial three..


madcobug said...

Have you after highlighting went from the large type to small then back to large before doing away with the highlight?  Also click on the bold tab.  If you have then I don't have any other suggestions. Unless you report it to journal editor Jeff. Good luck on getting it fixed. Here's Jeff's journal. Helen
His email would be

jmoqueen said...

Hello I'm new to your journal - stopping by via Jayne's (funnyfaces) :-)  Hope you are enjoying yourself here at j-land ~ shall stop by again

Jen xx

funnyface0s0 said...

Hi Chuck - not sure what you are doing, but i think Helen's instructions were correct !!
Take care - Jayne

hewasolddog299 said...


My info is stale as I stopped keeping an AOL-based journal a year ago. But back then (and given the lack of spell check and other things requested back before AOL introduced journals to the general populace in 2003, I suspect it hasn't changed) there was a bug in the software that prevented AOL Journals from displaying 12 point anything properly! My advice -- resize to 14 point. See if that helps...


jeadie05 said...

I have to admire your determination lol ,.,.,Jan xx