Thursday, November 9, 2006

Wilma Update

I was able to phone Wilma in the hospital.  She said her MS was "acting up" and boy "Am I sick."

Said she even though she is just lying there drinking her coffee, she probalby won't be home tomorrow, but hopefully by Saturday.

She jokingly asked me to get on my scooter and come visit her. She knows that is improbable, but if the scooter were new, and the weather were nice, and I were a young man, I would do it. 

My son-in-law, Roddy, has students giving a recital this evening.  Roddy's recitals are different, in that the student and Roddy perform together.  This gives the student the confidence he needs, and Roddy, being a professional musician, knows how to make the other performer look his best.  His recitals make an evening of charming entertainment, not a series of shaky solos.


bamawmn46 said...

I hope Wilma is home and hiding jam soon! Are you going to Roddy's concert?

jckfrstross said...

glad Wilma is ok:) i bet she would love to have you visit her:) enjoy your evening:) i bet the recitals go great sounds like fun


msecz said...

glad to hear she is doing ok..  I think you guys should make a welcome home banner. :)  Sandra

funnyface0s0 said...

Hello Chuck - its nice to hear that Wilma is doing okay and obviously missing you! I think a nice welcome home will make her feel very welcome :o)
Luv Jayne x

madcobug said...

Wish you could visit Wilma. Hope she comes back soon. Hope the recital went well for your SIL Roddy. Have a nice day! Helen

reconcilinglife said...

Hope Wilma is back hiding the jam soon. Bam

jmoqueen said...

I'm glad you've been able to speak to Wilma :-)