Friday, November 17, 2006

My Sports Car

My old Packard looked more like this illustration by the time I got it.  The side mounted tires were gone, and the tires were blackwall. 


Note the door in the side for one's golf bag.  Classy, and the hood had little door that open along the side for cooling the giant eight cylinders.


mzgoochi said...

Hi Chuck, if you hadn't of told us about that side compartment being for a golf bag, I would never have guessed. LOL


garnett109 said...

Did the moon shiners use that to hide the booze?

funnyface0s0 said...

HI Chuck - your sports car rocks !
Luv Jayne x

mtrib2 said...

Those were car's designed for the upper class in mind.    I can only imagine the experience of owning it and driving it.     My first car was a $200 1959 Carmen Ghia, the first year Volkswagon made it.     No heat, brakes had to be replaced, and distributor cap had to be moved upon starting regularly.    But is was a joy driving free and listening to the AM radio out in the country.     With the help of an older friend I purchased a 63' MGB and the title stayed in his name.    I drove it for just over a year before I went to S. IL. University the summer following high school.    I sold it for my friend to a classmate who had been driving an MGA.    At first my older friend that owned it was upset with me because I told him the buyer would bring payments to him at the clothing store the owner worked at.    Just as planned the buyer brought regular payments and everyone was happy.    mark