Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Three AM... no problem

Three AM is no problem.  I went to bed at nine.  Up getting my anti-oxidents with green tea.  But it is hard to type at this early hour.  Make lots of typos.  For instance, here is an IM (Instant Message) exchange with a lady in Alabama.>>>

 Chasferris:  it wrong icon    jot   hit wrong I con  lol.... I hit tje wr...shdeeit...  I hit the wrong icon... sorry
still rainjng?  Stars fell on Alabama.  george played yesterday... delightful
one thing about three am... it is sure hard to type
what are you going up at three am?...ah, not to worry... I went to bed a nine.
Chasferris: nine
I was going to make an entry in journal, but considering the typos I am making, it would be a waste of time
aren't you dressed yet?
Chasferris:  oh, making tea? How can you do that with the screen barking at you.

And the lady is not answering?  I wonder why.

One last word on Halloween: Of the kids who came by for candy treats dressed in Pooh Suits, Ranger uniforms, or Super Batman Capes, not one looked happy. Where were the happy children last night? They looked like they were being pushed along by squads of mothers who had to prompt them to say "thank you" for every nickel piece of candy they bummed off folks.

Note next year Halloween will come during daylight savings time. (They're changing the time, not the date.) At least they wont start coming at five pm.  We can have dinner in peace.

Better yet, let's ban Halloween.  The kids don't like it, parent's hate it, and adults who have no kids hate it most of all.  Teachers will love to teach school on Nov. 1 without having to remind pupils to "spit out that chewing gum".


garnett109 said...

Happy November 1st !

bamawmn46 said...

I hate Nov 1st! Kids have candy for breakfast, followed by huge sugar rush, then crash like slugs......  I think you're right, let's ban Halloween!!  LOL

jeadie05 said...

I do agree ,lol spit out the gum.... he he he ,.,.,Jan xx

funnyface0s0 said...

Hi Chuck - yes, lets all get high ourselves on the 'treats'!!
Luv Jayne x

msecz said...

why do teachers always worry about chewing gum????? Its not good for your teeth I know now but I used to love to chew  Sandra

kateh2ocolorart said...

I LOVED the little kids who were so excited they were saying TRICK OR TREAT all the way up the walk...and I could hear them way in the back of the house, before they got to the door and knocked and rang and chimed TRICK OR TREAT again!  I think most of them were very happy children!!  Most not having to be prompted to say thank you.  We DO get lots of adults at the door too...some carrying very young children in costume.

We ran out of treats by 8pm (planned for 150) and started giving pennies laced with dimes and nickels, sample packets of hand cream, and spider rings I had to untie from my costume...LOL

My husband couldn't stand giving out money and toys cuz he thought the children didn't want them, so we closed up shop about 8:15pm...It was alright.  Not much mischief cuz I didn't carve a pumpkin, nothing to smash.  I was mad about the hundreds of candy wrappers discarded on my curb though.  

Halloween IS fun...the costumes and decorating.  

nyboots said...

I have no kids and I love it MOST  of all!!!!sry I missed ur im,,i just logged off on my way to work and saw it pop up..ginger    

wldconnie said...

I agree about Hallowe'en..and the readed chewing gum stuck to the seats desks and your shoes horrible stuff! love conniex