Thursday, November 30, 2006


I am up to eleven medications.  That is eleven, count 'em, eleven.

They are either (1) keeping me alive, or (2) killing me.

The world around me is sort of a miasma, a dream, even when I am awake.  I see strange shapes in front of me when I try to read, and I still see them when I shut my eyes.

At least my daughter pointed out to me a simple fact that will help.  "Just because they prescribed pain pills for you, you don't have to take them when you are not in pain." Logical.  Why didn't I think of that?  I have been slugging down pain pills like candy, and living in a dream world. 

I got out of bed to watch Letterman last night, and propped myself in my wheel chair so I wouldn't fall out if I dozed.  I made it through without falling and even visited Leno for a bit.  I prefer Letterman to Leno.  Leno seems to redirect conversations so as to get a double meaning out of guest remarks. 

Letterman seems more relaxed and is someone whom I  would like to know and visit.  I would like a ride with Leno in some of his cars, but a visit with him would soon tire me out.  Seems a bit too frenetic. 

Letterman is possibly the worst interviewer on the talk show circuit.  His interview questions start with "Well, how is your summer going?"  He may have a senator who has proposed some earth shaking legislation, and Letterman asks, "How is your summer going?"

He doesn't ask about the senators proposal to end the war in Iraq or bring peace to the Middle East, he asks "How is your summer going?"

He does keep current by changing the seasons though.  "How is  your Thanksgiving going?" or "Are you having a good New Year?"

Still, I prefer Letterman to Leno.

Speaking of indirect, how did this entry get from drugs to late night television?



garnett109 said...

I was on pain pills for a while then they put me on stomach pills because of the pain pills, so I stop taking the pain pills and the stomach was fine!
Have a great day !

msecz said...

I prefer Letterman too. I have been watching him since he was on the late late show and came out with his letter jacket on...
Hope you get the pills regulated and feel good soon. Sandra

reconcilinglife said...

I love Letterman and have seen him get on the bandwagon about Iraq........He was actually quite insulting to Bill O'Reilly was it?Watch those pain pills. bam

jckfrstross said...

both come on to late for me:( good idea to not take the pain meds unless you are in pain. but don't wait to long if you are in pain it takes longer to get rid of it:)


bamawmn46 said...

I'm glad daughter pointed that little fact out to you...  the pain meds can keep you in a fog if you don't really need them...