Thursday, November 16, 2006

Greei Myths in California -- Book Review

Book Review -- Practical Demonkeeping by Christopher Moore.

The trouble with my book reviews, Fluke, Lamb, Running with Scissors, is that I review the book when I have read only the first third.  But, since this is Dribble, not the Saturday Review, I guess I will continue the practice.

What if the characters, Gods, Demons, and semi-mortals, in Greek Myths were real and lived in California?  That is what Christopher Moore likes to explore.  Pine Cove, California, a sleepy coastal community made up by Moore, becomes the site of a panoply of supernatural creatures.  Real hippies, pool sharks, tired saloon keepers meet a Djinn, a Biblical character, an immortal human, and a demon.  It is a delightful mix-up. 

All of Moore's books so far have dealt with supernatural beings in real life surroundings, and because he makes his human characters so real, so down to earth  you suspend your disbelief in the supernatural and enjoy the frenetic action.

But to be honest, I didn't realize there was a plot to the story until I got to chapter 11.  That's where I am now, and the plot has just appeared.  It is human Alonzo Brine VS the creature from Hell.  I am entranced.  How can Brine, a shop keeping, wine drinking philosopher, defeat a demon who can make himself invisible, change shapes, and eats people.

It's going to be a fascinating read.



garnett109 said...

The butler did it! LOL!

z7snowflake said...

sounds like an awesome book. I do book reviews also :)

madcobug said...

Sounds like an interesting book. Just keep those demons at bay. LOL. Helen

siennastarr said...

Sounds like just the kind of book I enjoy reading.  I will have to check it out!



reconcilinglife said...

There are some who believe that the greek mythologies were actually fallen angels. And some of the the minotaur etc..were actually the bad angels products of having sex with animals. I will check this book out. bam

jmoqueen said...

ooooooo sounds very good :-)


mtrib2 said...

It must be a mind bending supernatural vs. mortal conflict on a metaphysical level.     You must be compiling an extensive library.     I have been using the Net to research electrical wiring up to the main panel.     I realize from more advanced reading that electricians are required to know about highly technical aspects that will take me some time to even begin to comprehend.    I am eagerly awaiting my next book exploring more advanced electronics.     mark