Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Patriotid Song Program

A great big yellow bus pulled up to the old folks home, and sixty, count 'em, sixty, second graders poured out.

That would be two platoons in any army.  The second graders marched into the parlor, stood wiggling, and they began to sing....LOUDLY.

They had memorized every patriotic song you have ever heard.  And they had a chorus of kids to announce each song, when it was written and by whom.  America the Beautiful, Grand Old Flag, Yankee Doodle, Star Spangled Banner (two verses), and God Bless America, among others.  The  chorus explained what caisons are and what aweigh means in the Navy and Field Artillery hymns.  Have you ever paid attention to the Marine Corp song words?  They are stirring.  The kids knew them.

   Then they recited the preamble to the constitution.  Second Graders, most of us old citizens can't do that.

   They paid their respect to one of our residents who has been a long time suppiorter of their activites.  Then they marched out, in order, mounted the huge bus, and it rolled away.  The military would be proud of such precision and discipline.  I was astounded.

   One little second grade girl was obliged to sit in the audience and not participate.  I wanted to ask what terrible transgression she had committed so as to be excluded from the group.  What ever it was, she learned her lesson.  She watched while the others put on their patriotic show.  I'll bet that next time, she will be in the front row singing her loudest, too.   (<Link)


madcobug said...

That was a nice treat for you all seeing such well learned and well behaved children. Helen

garnett109 said...

Wish I was there! aweigh means to raise the anchors just off the bottom, I was not sure so I looked it up , Thanks chuck!

bamawmn46 said...

Someone has been working hard this year with those 2nd graders!!  I'm go glad you enjoyed them!

jckfrstross said...

wow they did really good i love to hear the kids sing the patriotic songs :) my sunday school class sings your a grand ole flag, this is my country, my country tis of thee. i think i will add some more for next time:)


tendernoggle said...

awwwwwwwwwwww....that would have been a good video chuck!!!

kateh2ocolorart said...

It may not have been a transgression, but her parents who requested she not participate, or she may have been new to the school...or many other reasons she didn't participate.

msecz said...

what a nice treat you had... wish I could have been there too

mtrib2 said...

That was a wonderful display of respect for the soldiers!    For all of you Veterans and others it was heartwarming and magnificent.    The practice and memorization had to have taken them considerable time.     Their parent's must be very proud of them as well as everyone they performed for.     mark