Sunday, November 26, 2006

Linguists, M'aidez (Mayday)

Help me, Linguists.  I recently said that the Winter Roses were "trying to attract attention to themselves."

That was anthropomorphism.  I am proud to say that I know the word that means "attributing human characteristics to animals, objects or Gods."

In a different entry I said that when I awakened, I was in a circle of blankets and bedding. I concluded that I was "nesting, like a bird"  I looked up anthropomorphism in the unabridged dictionary seeking the antonym, a word meaning "attributing animal characteristics or behavior to humans", like nesting or territorialism.  No luck.

Linguists, help me.


garnett109 said...

when I read you journal there are times I have to look up stuff , wish I could help!

jaykolb said...

"Zoomorphism".  See, the last entry in the list under "Tropes".

"Anthropo"="human", as in "anthropology".
"Zoo"="animal", as in "zoology".
"morphism"="condition of changing".

Another is "theriomorphism".  See  I believe theriomorphism, however, usually refers to applying animal *form* to a god, like the jackal god of Egypt.  

Which you want would depend on how godlike you feel today.


chasferris said...

Well done.  Thank you.  Zoomorphism.  What a wonderful word.  I said I was "nesting", a zoomorphism.  Yay.And what a wonderful reference wiiipedia is.

memes121 said...

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