Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I started wondering which tools that I use daily are the most important. I wasn't able to rank them in order of impotance, but here are some I would hate to be without.

back scratcher -- funny stick with minatue plastic hand on it, used for scratching where you cannot reach with your own hand.  For a person who inadvertantly bathes in disinfectant, see entries below, and who itches when he drinks wine or beer, it is an essential

pyrex measuring cup -- big one, well over a full pint.  I don't measue ingedents that often,  but I use it in the microwave to heat water for soup, tea, and cocoa.

wheelchair --  my ability to move about, to get to the bathroom from the bed.  I live in my wheelchair, plus some time in battery powered scooter and power chair. 

computer -- my life.  I connect with the outside world with my computer, online.  I write, I read, I do art work, I research.  I love wikipedia, an ever changing encyclopaedia.  I love to google, type in a word and get ten to fifteen thousand links to articles about that word... in seconds.  (How do they do that?)

digital camera -- always ready.  Need to capture my tracks in a mud puddle, or a funny car in the parking lot, or a new face among the residents.  Camera is ready, and prints can be made in minutes.

keyboard --  stores hundreds of melodies and chords, and musical patterns.  I turn it on, select a rhythm at random, listen a moment, then inmprovise a melody to go with it.  I entertain myself for hours this way.  Too bad nobody else cares to listen.  I leave the door open, but  nobody stops or drops in.


garnett109 said...

the computer is my #1 tool ! Have a great day!

mzgoochi said...


madcobug said...

Sounds as if would be hard for you to do without any of those things. I am thinking maybe your wheelchair  or motorized chair would be the most missed.

theauthorisme said...

I enjoyed coming across your journal today due to the guest editors picks.
I have my alerts set for the new entries now :)


tendernoggle said...

Hey Chuck, I like the idea of the pyrex measuring cup to heat water in the microwave!!! Thanks!

reconcilinglife said...

Well I am sure glad you have your j-land door open Chuck..cause Ihttp://journals.aol.com/reconcilinglife/reconciling-life/ am always peekin in. Bam