Sunday, November 12, 2006

Things that used to cost a Dollar a Dozen

Things that used to cost a dollar a dozen>>>

Doughnuts -- and coffee was a dime, but refills were only a nickle.

Gum drops --  from the big glass jar at the candy shop, and that goes for licorice whips, too

Stamps --  when first class postage was six cents, airmail took a separate stamp worth eight cents.

Eggs --  a bargain when you consider each egg is a day's work for a chicken.

Limes -- only two weeks ago at Sav-Mart.  I bought two dozen, and they lasted only a week because I love 'em so

Jelly glasses --  You wonder why juice glasses are so small?  Because that's the size jelly came in, and you saved the jar as a drinking glass.  They must have cost more with the jelly in them.

Pepsi-Cola --  Introduced in 12 oz bottles when Coca-Cola came in eight ounce bottles.  Their jingle was "Twelve full ounces, that's a lot...nickle,nickle, nickle."

Cookies --  Yum

Saturday Evening Post --  The weekly magazine cost a nickle, delivered by a kid earning pennies on his magazine route.  Liberty, too, but Life was a dime.

But that is all I can remember right now.  Perhaps you can think of some more.


garnett109 said...

before my time! I do remember gas under a buck lol!

chasferris said...

Garnett, below, is right.  I used to work in a service station and sold gas at 26.4 cents a gallon.  Why point four?  Must have been a gimmick to steal customers from stations selling gas at something point nine.  Half a cent a gallon made a difference.  AND we washed your windshield and checked the water and put air in the tires, free.

jckfrstross said...

do you remember Ben Franklins? i loved that store, as a kid they had everything it seemed:) penny candy, great toys that didn't cost an arm and leg to buy. have a good sunday and i hope you have a good breakfast


reconcilinglife said...

I remember and used to love CHUM GUM...Bam

swmpgrly said...

days gone by and never to be seen

desannie said...

Charles, I do admire what a steele trap your mind is!  You remember so much more than I.  The only thing I can think of at the moment is Comic Books.  They were a dime a piece and my mom would buy a dollars worth at a time and get mad at me for reading all of them in 20 minutes.  They weren't full of ads either!