Thursday, November 9, 2006

Five AM

Five AM, and I guess I will get up.  Why not?  I went to bed at 10:30.

Once when playing a word game, the question was If you could sleep as late as you wanted,  what time would you get up? Since at the time I could sleep as late as I wanted and I got up early I blurted out "five AM".  Bad answer...the object of the game was to give the most popular answer... which was probably 'nine' or "noon" .

Anyway, five AM in a nice time to get up.  It is quiet; you can microwave some tea and put your bare body in front of the computer, and no one cares.  My brand of tea bags are rediculously hard to open. (Well, Bigelow, if you asked.) They seal in the flavor, and you need scissors to get it out. Constant Comment is my favorite, but this is Green Tea with Lemon. 

(Limes were back to "six for a dollar" yesterday, so I only bought a dozen.)

You may note that this entry was posted well after five am because it takes me a long while to compose, edit, and un-scramble my brain at five AM. 

This morning a tooth hurts.  Now how am I gonna fit a trip to the dentist in with my trips to regular MD and the variety of specialists he sends me to.  With a special doctor for each part of the body, it is a full time job trying to live pain free.  For most aches and pains the answer seems to be "grin and bear it".

If this journal entry rambles, what did you expect at five (six) AM?

I give up... I cannot get this to print in 12 pt. type... why?  Three tries or more....gad.


garnett109 said...

At 5 am You did sleep in.
Love that bigelow lemon tea good stuff !
Oh by the way my friend have a great Veteran's Day, Thank you!

siennastarr said...

If this is what your dribble sounds like at 5 AM, I'm hooked! :)

Have a nice day, Chuck!


hewasolddog299 said...

Remember, AOL doesn't / is not able to produce 12 pt. type in most (perhaps ALL) fonts. Just use 14 pts. and grin and bear it. Or bare it, depending on your mood! ;)