Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Four Wonders and a Laugh at Myself

Living in the supervised confines of an old folks home, and restricted in mobility to a wheel chair, I forget there is a real world "out there", where people come and go when and where they want.

Today, after a game of two of Bingo, I took my power chair and motored to Starbucks.  I didn't ask anyone if I could go.  I didn't sign out.  I just went. There I used my Starbucks card and bought a Latte... (coffee with milk) overpriced at $2.65. That was wonder one.

I sat a a table, sipping my coffee, reading my "junk" mail.  I was delighted to see that Rite Aid is selling AA and AAA batteries for $5.24 for 8.  Wow, I thought.  I use a lot of those, I will make a trip to Rite Aid tomorrow. I have to cross the perilous crossing at G and Olive streets, but that s a good price. That was wonder two. .

Then I came to Longs' ad.  They are selling AA and AAA batteries in a 16 pack for $9.88. WOW...and closer.  Then I used my calculator... that is only three cents a battery cheaper.  That's the laugh at myself.  I was jazzed about a three cent savings.

In the corner at Starbucks sat a guy, not talking to anyone, not drinking coffee even, sketching with a ball point pen.  When I passed by, I saw they were fantastic graphics.  He was doing professional graphics while sitting in a cafe. That was wonder three

Wonder four.  While coming home I passed a construction site.  There in the scrap pile were wood scraps AND yards of platic tie down material that hold lumber in place on trucks.  They used to use rope.  Apparently now they use plastic tie down straps, that they THROW AWAY after they unload the truck.  When I was boating I was always buying tough nylon mooring lines.  Here is tougher, lighter strapping that is so cheap that it thrown away after it is used.  I coiled up a few yards and brought it home. 

Now I have to find some use for it.


tendernoggle said...

I am quite sure, with your bright mind and imagination, that you will find something to do with that strapping Chuck!
Glad you got out and got you that cup of joe!!!
love ya,

jckfrstross said...

wow all that from getting a cup of coffee:)


garnett109 said...

I wish they'd sell batteries that cheap here
use the straps as tie down straps on your wheel chair to tie down rain gear

jaymact1 said...

Cannot convert the prices of your batteries so I don't know if thats a good price. I use the rechargable batteries in my camera and other things and find them great value and you are never without. Love to watch other people drawing or sketching pity you could not get a picture of the guy at Starbucks.  They overprice their coffee on this side of the pond too. Hope you have a lovely day and have had some luck with the bingo.  Love Joan.

sylviam4000 said...

Straps might come in handy one day lol!
Love Sylvia x

jmorancoyle said...

    You never know what you might use those for. Still, I'm thinking the climate change is just a little more stable thanks to you saving like that. We all need to.

fisherkristina said...

Chuck, are you becoming a hoarder in your old age, LOL?  What are you going to do with those plastic straps?  Give us a journal entry and let us know when you find a use!

Thanks for sharing your day with us Chuck.  I am sitting over here with a smile on my face, just thinking about you going about your day.  It sounds interesting!  :)

Krissy :)

hewasolddog299 said...

Have they got a basket weaving class at the Old Folks Home, Chuck? I'm thinking you'd be able to make a really tough clam hod or fish basket from the tie strapping and some of the discarded wire to be found on a construction site that they use to wrap rebar with. Or you could always make a replacement seat for a spit oak seated chair with the strapping. It's miserable stuff to reuse if you haven't got the tool that clamps and bands the plastic when wrapping bundles.