Monday, September 3, 2007


   I have a bedside digital alarm clock with big red illuminated numbers.  It makes a nice night light, and it is a delight to be able to tell the time when I stir at night.  Digital numerals can sometimes pass for letters.  For instance 5 looks just like S, and 8 looks like B, and of course zero looks like O.

   In the morning I am often amused to waken and find the clock sending out a distress message: S O S.  That happens at five minutes past five am.  It probably sends the same call for help in the PM, but I am at "early bird" supper, and never notice.

   A few minutes later it begins to SOB; at 5:08 exactly. Later in the morning it will ask for BOB, whoever he is.(8:08)/ BOB may be his SIS (5:15) which would make her a SIB (5:18), sibling with a masculine name, Bobbie, perhaps.

   If I stared at the clock the whole night through, I might find it spelling out other words too, but fortunately I usually drop off to sleep.  Clock watching has the same effect as counting sheep.


valphish said...

I like to play with a calculater and try to make words, too.  You can write hello with 0.7734.  You have to turn it upside-down.  And if you want to take away someone's chest well, you can make them 55378008.  LOL  I AM silly.  I have a problem with the who and whom, Chuck, too.  ACK!!  Hope you are having a swell Labor Day!  Love, Val xox

madcobug said...

Very good way to get to sleep. Helen

msecz said...

that is so funny. The next time I look at my digital clock I will be thinking that now.Sandra

garnett109 said...

Turn it up side down and see what it says? LOL!

kateh2ocolorart said...

ROFL....sometimes I just read the time wrong.  Never quite so inventive!  I tried Val's idea on my cell phone, but it breaks up the line, and I didn't get it!  Somebody tell me what it says to break up someone's chest well? oh....
and what IS a chest well?
Thanks!  Kate

ggjack7 said...

Thanks for the laugh, does your mind ever stop?????? gg/Jackie

jckfrstross said...

LOL i set our alarm 1 hour ahead so if i do wake up and look i think i am late lol that is the way its suppose to work anyway enjoy your week


tendernoggle said... amaze me!!!
love ya,