Thursday, September 6, 2007

My Constellation

Early morning at the old folks home.  Lying in bed is not comfortable, since my artificial hip is aching.

"Well," I tell myself, "that's why you squeezed a huge recliner into a crowded two room apartment. Go sit in the easy chair."  In the dark I make my way to the recliner and ease my bulk into it. Ahhh.

There in the dark of my room twinkle a dozen little LEDs. Many of my electrical devices have light emitting diodes that show that they are plugged in and ready to go work as soon as I need them. 

"We're ready," say the telephones, the microwave, the computer, and the answering machine. The answering machine adds, "No messages."

"We're on the job and working," say the power strip and the computer's router. The router alone has four LEDs, each for a different purpose.

I settle down for a couple more hours of rest surrounded by my own little constellation of stars twinkling in the night.

We're a team, my plug-ins and me.


garnett109 said...

my hips are aching today also!

plieck30 said...

Ain't modern life grand? Paula

jckfrstross said...

modern technology is great:) hope your hip has quit hurting


tendernoggle said...

You know Chuck...this was sort of poetic! lol
love ya,

fisherkristina said...

LOL on the title of your entry!  Where is your book?  I still think you are hilarious and interesting and I would buy your book!

Krissy :)