Friday, September 7, 2007

Fred Thompson for President?

Fred Thompson announced his candidacy for President on Jay Leno's program last night.  I was able to view the clips on AOL this morning. I was watching David Letterman last night instead of Leno.

Thompson used Schwartzenegger's guide to make his announcement on an entertainment program rather than a so-called news conference. Ho-hum.

But watching his casual attitude and off hand way of breaking the news did nothing for me by way of inspiring my support. (Well, I am a Hillary supporter anyway.) He made it sound like he'd be running the country from his kitchen table.

Whereas I once could have considered him a viable candidate, I no longer can.

Oh well.  That's politics.


garnett109 said...

hillary in 08

msecz said...

Im for Hillary also

jmorancoyle said...

    I agree. HO HUM!

hewasolddog299 said...

"Whereas I once could have considered him a viable candidate, I no longer can."

Do tell - why can't you?

jckfrstross said...

i will vote for him:)


kateh2ocolorart said...

No more actors for top government officials!  LOL, well...they are ALL actors!  GO HIL/BILL

rocrebelgranny said...

I'm still considering my vote for the primary.  Right now I'm leaning toward Richardson of New Mexico because I know Dennis Kucinich doesn't stand a chance.  I may, at the last minute though, throw my vote to Dennis and then support the winner, whoever that may be.