Saturday, September 1, 2007


The 330 Million dollar jackpot in the Mega Lottery that was paid this week reminds me of my own scheme to pay off the national debt.

The government holds a lottery. Dollar  bills are the tickets.  You take as many dollar bills as you care to gamble, tear them in half.  This makes the bill non-negotiable and takes it out of circulation. One half you throw in a mail box.  The post office sends all the halves to a big warehouse somewhere, say Phoenix. The other half you keep as a receipt.

For every ten million halves collected, a local citizen, say, for example, Karen Blocher, one of my loyal readers, is allowed to walk into the warehouse, shuffle around the big pile of half dollar bills and pick out one. The serial number on that half of a bill is published.  The person holding the other half of that bill with the matching serial number is awarded a million dollars in new cash, TAX FREE.

With each drawing nine million dollars of debt, each dollar bill being a note against the government treasury, is taken off the national debt.  Cost to government, ZILCH. (less the cost of shipping all those bills to Phoenix, and a dinner for Karen)

With the national mania for lotteries and the lure of something-for-nothing, this could go on until the entire national debt is paid.  Think of the savings in interest the government will make.  Taxes could go down.

How about it, Karen? Are you up for this? Free dinner on the tax payers.


ggjack7 said...

I don't know what Karen will say, but I say it sounds good too me! gg/Jackie

garnett109 said...

I'm in for it, now to start making dollars lol!

jaykolb said...

I like it!  It also saves the cost of printing and issuing all those lottery tickets, AND doesn't lead legislators to regard the money coming in as "free cash" they can divert to pork (like what happened to the NY lottery, which was supposed to go to education, but now goes to whatever "but we can use lottery money!" boondoggle wasn't good enough to make it into the official budget....)


tendernoggle said...


mavarin said...

Um, I'm pretty sure modern dollar bills (Federal Reserve notes) don't work like that, but it's a fun idea.  If I'm going to Phoenix for the drawing, I'll take a Diamondbacks ticket and dinner at Carlos O'Brien's as my fee! - Karen

jmorancoyle said...

    Sounds easy enough. And you have as many chances with the Feds as you do with the State.