Monday, September 10, 2007

Patrick's Seven -- Instruments You'd Like to Play

Patrick asks us to name seven instruments we'd like to play.

1.  Harmonica.  I have been noodling along for ten years.  Can't read music, can't play a decent melody.  All I can do, if told the proper key, is play a puffing little acompanyment. I know how to simulate the three major chords, and can usually tell "by ear" which one to use.  But when I hear real harmonica players play, I turn green with envy.

2. Keyboard/Piano.  I pick out simple tunes with one ear.  The wonderful thing about the keyboard is that is has various rhythms built-in.  You select a rhythm and a nice jazz combo starts with your accompanyment.  With one finger you tap out the melody... or even make one up.  Sounds good, but it isn't really playing the instrument.  I have two keyboards set up in my two room apartment, and one more in the closet.  The one in the closet fits on my scooter, with a portable amplifier and I have taken it to assemblies of the old folks at the home and played a fanfare or two.  Once was the music for a wedding, using the built in songs...not my playing.

3. Ukelele.  Hanging on the wall is a  Ukelele.  It is mostly for decoration, but it is functional.  I even have a chord chart.  Best part about a Ukelele is that it has only four strings...and I have ten fingers.  I should be able to play it if my ten fingers could master three chords on the four strings.

4. Penny Whistle.  I bought a souvenier penny whistle in Jamestown.  Supposedly it was a replica of ones that were available to the early settlers.  I guess they stuck 'em in their pockets when they set sail.  A piano did not travel well on early sailing ships, but a penny whistle could.

5. Flute.  When I was teaching school, I went with my Special Education kids to beginning orchestra class.  So, first I went to a pawn shop and bought a flute.  It was fun.  I sat in with the junior high kids and learned a bit of fluting.  I was just "the big kid in the second row."

6. Clarinet.  The same with the clarinet.  Took it to Junior High Music class... and I was an adult.  Learned to finger a few notes, but mostly I would squawk and squeal while trying to get the reed to rest just right on my lips.  The reeds tickled my tongue.  Eventually I gave the clarinet to an elementary school orchestra.

7. Guitar.  I took Steel Guitar lessons as a kid, and conventional acoustic guitar as an adult... at a park department recreation class.  I leaned a chord or two and the "Carter Family Strum". As with all these instruments, I lacked dedication and follow through. So I sit and WISH I could play them.  What's stopping you?  Me. No practice, no perfect.


garnett109 said...

A man of many hats , Chuck you amaze me!

fisherkristina said...

Chuck, wow, you have dabbled in a lot of instruments!  Why not pick one and really learn it?

Krissy :)

rocrebelgranny said...

I knew about the harmonica of course but not the others.

I've dabbled in several but settled on piano and organ.  I'm so rusty now though, it would probably be awful.