Friday, September 28, 2007

Lyrics that Come to Mind

Well, what do you know?  It's morning already, and the sun is beginning to shine.

The Blues in the night

Have I told you lately that I love  you? Well, Baby, I'm telling you now.

Bill Grogan's goat was doomed to die.

Hello, and Goodbye. Well, you sure have a beautiful view.

(That last one was not a lyric, but you can use if if you write a song... my compliments.)


garnett109 said...

have a great weekend chuck and I never promised you a rose garden! LOL!

plieck30 said...

We always sang the first one Well Whadda Ya Know? It's Morning Already. Paula

jocalodave said...

I found it!

I suspect your readers might enjoy the full text...

Bill grogan's goat

(Audience repeats each line after Leader)

Bill Grogan's goat
Was fellin' fine
Ate three red shirts
Right off the line

Bill took a stick
Gave him a whack
And tied him to
The railroad track

The whistle blew
The train drew nigh
Bill Grogan's goat
Was doomed to die

He gave three groans
Of awful pain
Coughed up the shirts
And flagged the train

That's all there is
This story's done
I hope you had
A lot of fun