Saturday, September 15, 2007


Take Your Camera.  It was a slogan I made up the other day when I went without it.  So today it was T Y C day. 

It was three out of four out of focus today, but at least I had the camera when I saw things I wanted to picture.

On a shopping trip I finally got to picture that ugly oleander hedge which turned into a giant bouquet.(1)  That is the one that is in focus.

A bit farther on I saw a giant car.  Don't know what this great big urban limo was doing in our up-state city, but I got 90% of it in this picture (2).

The next two out of focus gems merely prove you should take your camera, and that you should practice with it enough so you can get pictures in focus/ Breakfast looked appealing this morning, with biscuits and gravy and fixins and I snapped its portrait. (3)

And tablemate, Thelma, age 93, spends her time crotcheting baby layettes for her church to give newborns.  Here she shows us her handiwork. (4)


msecz said...

Im going to make sure my camera is in my purse for tomorrow.... thanks for reminding me... now I have to remember to use it don't I....

jaymact1 said...

I try to remember mine but sometimes I forget will remember your T Y C  just in case I see something worth taking. Love Joan.

madcobug said...

Good for you Chuck, taking your camera with you. You did get some pretty and interesting shots. Thelma looks like she does a good job. It's something she enjoys and keeps her busy. Taking your camera is a good idea and gives you more to do so you can enjoy looking at you pics and posting them later. Have a nice Sunday. Helen

garnett109 said...

chuck great pictures , what a big limo that was and thelma does great work.
have a great sunday!

plittle said...

You've reminded me that National Carry Your Camera Everywhere You Go Week is coming up in a month, or so. ( ) I really enjoyed playing along last year, but this year I may not be able to, as my camera is broken.

jmorancoyle said...

    Great idea. I've been trying to remember to carry mind. For some reason lately I haven't thought of it. I love the idea that I'm not paying for film or processing anymore. I will never buy another old fashioned camera again. That oleander bush is beautiful.

fisherkristina said...

Oh, what a great idea! I need to take my camera around with me more!  It would truly show a slice of what was going on in everyday life.  Now we know what is going on in your life and it is interesting!  Those oleander bushes are interesting.  Chuck, keep this up as much as you can.  I love your pictures.  Each one tells a story!

I know a man who did a project called Project 365.  He took one picture for every day of the year.  He said you could do it simpler and call it Project 100 and take one photo for 100 days in a row.  At any rate, you snap one photo a day, and label it.  This both tells a story of your life, and gives you practice photographing.  Interesting idea.  So at any rate, I love your photos.  

Krissy :)    

bamawmn46 said...

What a great entry! I like this idea!

valphish said...

how happy to see your day with a camera, Chuck =)!!  Thelma is very talented!  Hope you are having a good Sunday, my friend! xox

tendernoggle said...

Hi Chuck, I hope You have a great Sunday!!
I loved those pictures, that hedge is so pretty and that car was huge! I see that your breakfast was a real good one today and it is making me hungry.... I can make a meal off of biscuits and gravy! That Thelma really knows how to crochet; the little baby sweater she is holding is adorable. Thank you Chuck for sharing these with us...I am waiting and hoping for more!
love ya,