Sunday, September 9, 2007

Patrick's Saturday Six -- Grammar

Copied from My Way... Patrick a bit hard to reach nowadays.  Oh, he won't even know I played.  Oh, well.

Patrick's Saturday Six

     How big a deal is grammar for you? No, that’s not one of the six official questions, but it’s the topic for this week. It seems that for some people, grammar is a dying art. I think that’s sad, because it shows a general lack of effort in communication, and no good can come from putting little effort in communicating with each other.

     1. How different is your speech pattern among your friends versus a stranger you’d meet on the street?  

At the old folks' home, most of the staff use language that is "rustic", to say the least.  A staff member asked me, "Don't you want no ice cream?"

On the other hand, most of the residents use conventional English.

     2. How often do you get asked where you’re from based on your accent?

     Not often because I stay home.  Was asked a bit in the service where men from all over the country were gathered together.  I asked the question more often than I was asked. It is fun to try to pin point a person's home town from his speech.

     3. What word or phrase said by newscasters is your biggest pet peeve?

     Nescasters are usually pretty good.  They are most often schooled in "Middle USA" pronouncation and phraseology.  I hate the way the Cajun Cook says, "I'll gare-on-tee ya'".

   In Blogs, my pet peeve is the use of to when too is meant.  "It is to hot today" leaves me cold.  It should be "It is too hot today."

     4. Take the quiz: How good at grammar are you?

I took the simply checked it's vs its and their vs they're vs there.  Nothing about agreement of subject and verb nor objective case or other common errors. I am sure I passed, but the site went blooey when I wanted to check my score.

    5. How often do you look up a word in a dictionary, either online or print?

     Very often.  However, I more often use spell check.  I am astounded how many words are in it's dictionary. (oops.  Its dictionary.)

     6. How many books or guides on grammar do you currently own?

    I think one or two.  Spellcheck and grammar check do most of my correcting.  The dictionary has a preface with good grammar practices in it.  


rocrebelgranny said...

On #4 (there, their, they're).  I took it the other day (100%) so I'm sure you did.

When I get them wrong, it's a typo which I usually don't see until after I've posted.  My brain knows the difference but my fingers go where they want.

Notice I used "it's" correctly.  This time.

garnett109 said...

Chuck , Have a great day!

valphish said...

I got 10/10 correct on the easy quiz.  I love grammar.  Weird.  I get bothered by the to and too thing as well.  I'm sure I have made the mistake, though, inadvertently.  Gotta love the dictionary!  Love, Val xox

kateh2ocolorart said...

you say, "pronouncation"  I say, "Pronunciation"

I hate the way some people pronounce PRONUNCIATION

Main Entry: pro·nun·ci·a·tion
Function: noun
Pronunciation: pr&-"n&n(t)-se-'A-sh&n also ÷-"naun(t)-
Etymology: Middle English pronunciacion, from Middle French prononciation, from Latin pronuntiation-, pronuntiatio, from pronuntiare
: the act or manner of pronouncing something
- pro·nun·ci·a·tion·al/-shn&l, -sh&-n & l/ adjective

Also, probably just a typo on your is usually the reason for ALL of MY mispellings...AND grammatical errors!  :-x
P.S. Thanks for posting my game reply!

fisherkristina said...

I can't stand double negatives!

Krissy :)

plieck30 said...

This ole country girl probably shouldn't even comment here. I know you aren't suppose to start a sentence with but, but sometime I want to because it fits my country journal. I have noticed a lot of people mispells tomorrow and for some reason that bugs me. Paula

msecz said...

I got an A on the quiz. Sometimes I'm just too lazy to type it right though. Thanks, that was fun.

jmorancoyle said...

    Oh there is so much I want to say about your post. Yes, I hate when people regularly use to instead of too. And I wish there had been something about tense, number, etc. My use of grammar is decent and could definately be better. On the other hand I don't have much use for grammar check on my computer. It makes too many mistakes just because of the nuances of the English language. I know the day will come that programming will be able to work out all the dings in grammar check, it just hasn't yet. Anyway, great post.