Sunday, September 9, 2007

I Don't Know How play this in J-land.....Kate writes.

Well, it is not exactly appropriate for your web-site, Kate,  so let me post it in my journal.\

What is your name? KATE

4 letter word: KISS

Vehicle: KIA

TV Show: Kate & Allie

City: Katmandu

Boy Name other than yours: KEVIN

Girl Name other than yours: Kendra


Occupation: Kitchen help

Something you wear: Knit cap

Celebrity: Keanu Reeves

Food: Knackwurst (hate it too, so much I can't even spell it)

Found in a bathroom: Knuckle cream

Reason for Being Late: Kissing

Cartoon Character: Kalamity Jane 

Something You Shout: KISS MY ASS


garnett109 said...

love the last one!LOL!

rocrebelgranny said...

This meme has been making the rounds lately.

My middle name is Elizabeth.  Sometimes life isn't fair.  The only "Z" that springs to mind is "zany".

valphish said...

I actually like knockwurst (correct spelling. LOL)  But I'm part German.  Actually, I can eat almost anything.  LOL  Love, Val

jmorancoyle said...

    I never hear of knuckle cream. See, I learned something new today!