Sunday, September 16, 2007

My Life in a Maze

Imagine a labyrinth so convoluted and complex that, although you traveled it every day, you could not find your way without a map. That is my computer.

When I snap pictures with my digital camera, (Easy) and connect it to my computer, (Easy) and upload the pictures, (Easy) I display them for editing or putting in my journal. (Impossible)

The first steps are simple.  The computer does the uploading, but them hides them in the files so that when I try to find them to publish it takes so many steps that I sometimes give up. I have actually abandoned some photos because they are lost in the bowels of the gut bucket I call my computer.

Photobucket is the server I use to store the pictures I want to put in my journal.  When I get logged and ask to upload pictures, it simply says "browse".  Browse, indeed.  Browsing used to mean casually searching the book shelves.  Now browsing means gettting out a roadmap and following an obscure trail that leads not to a hidden treasure, but the snapshots you took this morning.

If I were smart, I would have that trail to my hidden trove of pictures printed and hanging on the wall beside the computer. But no.  I try to remember the steps to find my snaps.  When I do find them, I sigh and upload happily.

Strange...but sometimes when browse is punched in the computer serves up the pictures as quickly as a waiter who knows he is getting a ten dollar tip.  But other times, he is a sullen bus-boy who drops your napkin on the floor and spills your drink in your lap.

If I could tip the computer, I would.



jaymact1 said...

Hi Chuck I don't have a problem with my pictures I us Picasso to store them and they go to the journal no bother BUT I do have bother with some graphics a window comes up and says it will not download this graphic and thats it no agument. Have a good evening. Love Joan.

rocrebelgranny said...

Do you rename them or leave them with just the .jpg number?

You can rename them anything you want and save the pic under the new name (i.e. "oleander.jpg").  Makes them easier to find.  I don't know about your camera but mine makes a separate copy so I delete the first "unnamed" one.

fisherkristina said...

Chuck, which photo software are you using?  Just wondering.

Remember, you are given an option, through "My Pictures", in your computer, to put your photos in any folder you would like.  Create a folder and move your photo or graphic into it.  Name it anything you like.  Gee, I hope I am explaining this correctly, I have been away from doing photos for a few months, LOL, as I have not been at my own computer to do my photos.

Another thing, about Photobucket.  That also can be organized into folders.  Before you pull a picture up from your "bowels" of My Pictures , or hopefully organized folders by this time, LOL (but don't reorganize previous photos that were already placed in your journal in a certain place - heaven's no - it will break their chain and erase the photos that are already there), go ahead and open a subfolder in Photobucket.  Then BROWSE your folders in My Pictures.  You will be able to find what you need and load it into Photobucket.  Photobucket will now be organized also, and if you want to use a photo or graphic from Photobucket there again, you will be able to find it again.

Folder organization is everything!

Are you following, LOL?!!!

Krissy :)

garnett109 said...

chuck i had the same problem, i don't take pictures anymore .

jckfrstross said...

i hope you get this figured out :) have a good week


astaryth said...

Chuck, when you upload the pics it should ask you where you want to put them... As Krissy says this is usually your My Pictures folder and it is -way- easier if you have some kind of folder organization going on there, maybe a new folder each time you download? Anyway, an easy way to find your pics later would be to: find them on your computer, then put a link on your desktop. (This should be  as easy as dragging the folder -such as My Pictures- to your desktop) You should then have a folder or icon with a little black arrow on the left hand lower corner. Then all you have to do to find your pictures is click on that icon and it should take you right there. I hope I've explained that well. It is -very- easy to do, but not so easy to write instructions for ;p

valphish said...

What software are you using, Chuck?  That is the first question?  I also agree with everyone, folders are important as is organization.  I am almost always given a choice where to put my pictures.  Hope you are having a good start to your week, Chuck!  Hugs and love, Val xox

jmorancoyle said...

     Computers, I swear, are fickled creatures that were put on this earth to make us pay for our past sins. Good luck, it will come to you sooner or later.