Friday, September 14, 2007

World's Most Cussed Quiz

A guy named Kellen runs the most obscure, obtuse, cussed quiz tournament I have ever seen.  It will send participants rushing to Google, Wikipedia, and their long forgotten college text books.

In other words, it is fun.  If you'd like to join the tournament here's the link to sign up.  (Right away please.)




jaymact1 said...

Hi Chuck, I have participated in Kellen's tournament before and you are not joking and not being from the US even the easy questions are difficult but no doubt I will try again. Love Joan.  

valphish said...
This is the link to Kellen's tournament if you want to sign up.
It is a BLAST!  You learn so much and meet new people.
I won one of the touraments.  It was so worth the hours spent!

fisherkristina said...

Oh, Chuck, the tournaments are a blast!!!

Krissy :)