Sunday, August 6, 2006

52 Pick-up

Know-it-all-kid:  Hey, you wanna learn a new card game?

Naive-kid:  What's it called?

Know-it-all-kid:  Fifty-two Pick Up.

Naive-kid:  Sure.  Show me.

Know-it-all-kid: (Throws deck of cards to floor, scattering them.) Pick 'em up, all fifty-two.

   And everybody laughs, even the poor victim, who has learned his lesson. 

   Now turn the clock ahead.   The poor naive kid is eighty-one, in a wheel chair, and the 52 Pick up has become FIVE HUNDRED PICK-UP.  I spilled my pill tray, over twenty square feet of floor.

   I could have called for help, but they probably have some silly rule about pills that have been on the floor not being allowed back in the bottle. I have a rule that says Thou Shalt Not Make a Trip to Costco to replace pills that have Lain on the Floor for a few minutes.

   Anyway, it was a bad way to start the day.  I took a picture, but of course, that did NOT come out.  Hope the rest of the day goes better.



kateh2ocolorart said...

Rough way to start the day, especially for an 82....yes, that's 2 now...year old.
Love, Kate

garnett109 said...

I've done that before! Try to have abetter day!

herheadsnacloud said...

There are days when nothing seems to go right....I had one yesterday...then there is the hope of a better day today or maybe tomorrow.. B. Lynne

bamawmn46 said...

Yikes... I'd feel the same way... drugs are to precious to be thrown away... Did you find most of them??

plieck30 said...

Awww so sorry you had to play this game today. Not fun and I don't blame you for not wanting to waste all those pills. I remember 52 pick-up. Paula

msecz said...

oh wow, you sure started it off with exercise didn't you.... did you get them all???? Hope the rest of the day went a lot better, Sandra

mavarin said...

Yuck!  I bet that took a while to fix! -K.

desannie said...

Gadszooks Charles, what a way to start the day!  Did your day get better?  I have days when I drop everything in sight.  Thank heaven for reachers!  What's bad is when I've dropped both reachers, ugh!  Annie

fisherkristina said...

What a bad start to the day indeed.


monponsett said...

Kids.... anytime someone does 52 pickup on you, immediately respond "5 knuckle sandwich," and punch him in the face.

Then make them pick up the cards. Might makes right.

mtrib2 said...

You turned your spilling the tray into a humorous entry!   I put a clear glass shallow dish on my hot plate thinking it must be Pyrex like those glass beakers.    I boiled water in it to add some humidity to the air during the cold of winter.    I shut the burner off  and it cooled down.     I left to go to the store and came back and it was in a thousand pieces everywhere.      I picked up the pieces (for months) and put together a section of the bottom that read: 'Do not put on stove or in oven, Microwave only'    I had read the sticker on it when I got it and it said nothing to the effect.    The lettering on the bottom was nearly invisible but I learned my lesson.    mark

tendernoggle said...

LoL make me laugh, and after the year I have had..that is saying me.
I too was "took" with the 52 pick-up card game!!! (Then I quickly played it on someone else!!! hehehe ;-)
Take care,