Saturday, August 5, 2006

Good Taste, Bad Manners

   I was rolling into the dining room and met Grace, from the next table, rolling out.

   "Not staying for lunch," I asked.

   "My husband told me to 'get out'," she said somewhat abashed.

   "Why?  What did you say?" I asked.

   "I just said, 'I'd rather eat dog food than the Salisbury Steak they serve here.'"

    Well, you can't fault her good taste, just her bad manners.


herheadsnacloud said... are a trip! B. Lynne

bamawmn46 said...

What a hoot!!  Poor Grace...  But have felt that way at times about school food...

jckfrstross said...

enjoy your weekend:)


garnett109 said...

She is a woman that knows what she wants ! I've eatten some pretty bad stuff before and if it does not look pleasing to the eye I keep on moving! Have a great weekend !

desannie said...

Oh Chuck, can I ever get in on this subject.  We have Salisbury Steak at least once a week and I refuse to touch it.  My bigest squawk is the constant chicken.  At the Resident's Council Meeting last Wednesday I asked if the head cook had a book back there entitled "1001 Ways to Cook Chicken"?  Everybody laughed, but the management got my point!

monponsett said...

If I could drive to wherever you are in a day, I'd bring you a full dinner made by a girl who had a French mother.