Friday, August 4, 2006

Insomniac Almanac -- Chapter Five

   Last chapter was on June 1.  (I don't think I have been sleeping any better.... just haven't used the sleepless time to reflect on life and write about it)

   Four AM.  It has been two hours since I was last up.  Good.  I can get up again. I go to the bathroom, and then come sit at the computer.  Oh, why does it take so LONG to boot up.  Why do I even bother to turn it off?  All those pop ups about the anti-virus blocks, and then the up-dates available, and FINALLY the welcome screen. 

   Thank you AOL for making my journal possible, and thanks for keeping all those journals in an archive.  I go back and read old, old, old entries, and laugh at my own jokes all over again.  That makes good reading for an insomniac

    A recent notice issued from AOL says they are making if free for anyone who wants to join -- if I am reading that right.  I wonder if that means they are going to stop billing my credit card every month?  I cannot imagine their doing that.  They say the advertisers are paying the tab now. But I hate all the ads.  Curious: someone else is going to be paying the bills, and I am ungrateful.

   Anyhow, whomever is paying, I am thankful for this place to hang out during the night.  Oh, how soothing a little rain on the roof would sound right now.  This night I got to thinking how a visit to a neighborhood bar is a metaphor for my life. 

   Imagine a guy, me perhaps, goes into a bar looking for companionship.  If there are ladies there, he smiles, brushes up on his "come on" lines, and starts mixing, flirting his best, fending off the rebuffs, responding with charm to the friendly responses.  If only men are there, he joins them and adds his tales of auto repair into the conversation, and even tosses in an adventure of two about fixing his airplane with auto parts, and flying it that way.  If he is skillful, he wins a friend or two.

   Isn't that like life?  Except the meetings, the relationships occur in everyday living, not just in a bar.  We meet, make friends, some casual, some deep and lasting.  And that is life... whom we meet and relate to.

   Anyway, that metaphor passes for philosophy at four AM. 

   Now, back to bed.


herheadsnacloud said...

Well........I hope you have some happy dreams...I am off to work while you are snoozin' B. Lynne

garnett109 said...

chase I also was up at 4 am good old body cramps get me up!
aol is free starting sept. but you still need a carrier to sign on, so I'm keeping my broad band by aol and pay the $25.95 a month this way I can keep their tech support! have a great day!

plieck30 said...

I agree computers are so time passing when you can't sleep and sometime I am foolish enough to stay on when I am sleepy. Paula

tendernoggle said...

You are right is all about the people you meet and the ones you bond with....
I too love my j-land friends and my computer...Don't know what I would have done after my husband died if it had not been for all my j-land friends here holding me up, urging me on...

monponsett said...

I do the same thing. I always pop up wide awake in the middle of the night. I think I'm still trained from when baby Melissa wanted her 2 AM feeding, even though she sleeps like a log.