Sunday, August 13, 2006

My Past Year in J-Land

Krissy Fisher has proposed that all of us journalers write an entry called "My Past Year in J-Land" in honor of the AOL Journals' third birthday.  Good plan, but rather difficult.

In past year I have written 252 entries.  I astounded myself when I discovered that fact.  A review of the titles showed me that I have an eclectic mind.  (That's eclectic, wide ranging, not electric, powerful.)

I have covered personal history, such as celebrities I have seen, life in the old folks home, with profiles of he characters I live with, personal non-adventures, such as buying avocados and limes, personal opinion, like movie reviews and political points of view, and philosophy, mostly diatribes that I composed late at night when insomnia plagued me.

I have made up quizzes for fun, using the simple trick of blacking out the answers which could be revealed by use of your mouse.  I have shown my efforts to create art with the Paint program we all get with our computers.  I have taken part in photo scavenger hunt, Scalzi's weekly assignment, Patricks' Saturday Six and Sunday Seven, and, now, Krissy's AOL project.

I have received tons of comments, and I love those best of all.  I have made lots of friends.  I lost one friend...and I may get courage to write about that someday. 

Curiously, I got more comments about the cat, Jasmine, than I did about my sincere efforts to explain my philosophy of life. Go figure.  Human interest stories are more readable than soul searching.  Ah, well.

It has been a wonderful year.  In fact it has been a wonderful three years.  Thanks, friends, thanks, AOL.  Thanks, Krissy, for suggesting this topic.

PS OOPS...We were supposed to post these entries on the 21st, AOL journals birthday.  But I jumped the gun.  No matter, I think I'll leave it..may inspire someone else to write one too.


garnett109 said...

My friend I enjoy Reading your journal all the time, but I'm bored now do you want to play 500 pick up lol!
I'm Still laughing at that thanks friend!

tendernoggle said...

Just glad that I found your has helped brighten my days.
A heart felt thanks to you chuck...

viviansullinwank said...


This is a wonderful entry....I'm glad you went ahead and posted. Do you mind if I refer to your entry in the anniversary blog?


plieck30 said...

Just goes to show Chuck "cats rule" as they say. So glad I met you and your nice journal. Paula

fisherkristina said...

I have always loved your journal and found it very interesting.  I love everything you write about. :)


mavarin said...

Great entry, Chuck, even if it is early! - Karen

mtrib2 said...

You always write clearly and keep your topic interesting with humor.     May the year ahead be a productive one with new material of interest.     mark