Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Time magazine (Aug 21, 2006, Page 48) wonders why the Segway never became popular.

Well, duh, I can answer that.  $5000 for a what is essentially a skateboard. ($3000 used on eBay.)

They came whirling onto the scene in 2001, and it was thought that EVERYONE would want one to scoot around the house, the yard, the factory, the school, the store.  And they might have, but I, for one, have never even SEEN one, let alone try it out. 

All I know is President Bush fell off his.  Thank goodness President Ford didn't have one, he might have killed someone.

Think I will wait for the next great invention that everybody wants... like a flying belt.


msecz said...

I guess you can't ride it around here because everything needs a licence and I don't think you can license them and they aren't allowed on the sidewalk..... I saw a police man on one in Mosie's journal the other day if thats what you are talking about.... I don't know the name of the things but I guess that is what you are tallking about. LOL  Sandra

tendernoggle said...


plieck30 said...

I use to see a lady at the post office on one of these, at least I think it is what you are talking about. Then she graduated to one of the scoot along scooters with a seat. Now I don't see her at all. I wonder what she graduated to this time. Paula

garnett109 said...

Hey chuck you already own a segway you have the sit down type!
they were trying to sell them here and the cops won't let them on the road or side walk, I guess if you are a boss in a big building like a big warehouse in roswell and need to keep up with your employees than you can have one !
A flying belt would be a good Idea for this slightly chubby lad! LOL!

mtrib2 said...

Your assertion on President Ford is hilarious!     mark