Saturday, August 5, 2006


   Desannie and I have common problems.  We are wheel chair bound and live in old folks homes.  We both find the food boring.  She doesn't post nearly often enough, but she makes regular comments in my journal, and that is fun.

   She is a cat lover.  I find cats amusing, and have owned many in my life, but I am a dog lover.  I never met a dog I didn't like...I have said, but not sure I really live up to that slogan.

   We are both retired Special Education teachers.  I was a speech therapist. 

   Her picture and that of her cat are in the lastest entry in her journal.  Worth a look. 


fisherkristina said...

I commented in her journal.


deslily said...

How nice of  you to "pimp" Annie!  She's my best friend!  

I may not comment much but I do read your journal too !

monponsett said...

I'm a retired SPED teacher too! I just retired realllllllllllllly early.

tendernoggle said...

My son had to take speech therapy when he was small, so I know you had to have had a lot of patience!