Saturday, August 26, 2006

Why I Like My Hearing Aids

Because they do not make things LOUDER; they make them CLEARER.

How can that be, I hear you ask.  Because, they only amplify the sounds I cannot hear without them. 

Speech to me, without hearing aids, is like someone is talking to me from the next room with the door closed.  It is muffled, and hard to understand.  I say, "huh?>" a lot. But with the hearing aids, it is as if someone has opened the door.  It is clearer.

When you go to buy, the dealer makes an audio-gram of your hearing loss, showing which frequencies are the most affected and by how much.  In my case, anything over 4000 cps is Pfft, gone.  Say miss or mitt or miff to me, and it is all the same. Ask me to kiss you and I may give you a boot in the ankle, thinking you said kick

Anyhow, the dealer, a charming lady named Rene,  looked at my audiogram and set the hearing aids to amplify the very high frequencies I need, but not the ones I am already hearing normally.  Presto-changeo the world becomes clearer. 

Now, if you ask me a question and I say "huh?", it is because I was in a dream world of my own.  I still walk around dazed, but I hear better.

In case you care, the make is Widex.  The model is elan SD-9Me.  And they are made in Denmark. Huh?.  Denmark, and no, that is not in China.


garnett109 said...

Am i buying a watch or a hearing aid! Lol ! thanks for the info i'll give it to my friend mike that got his ear dums blowen out by a ied in I raq the shit they gave him hardly works, chuck thanks on that one!

tendernoggle said...

I can not hear good either...and voices sometimes sound muffled....It is a problem when you have to take food orders!

bamawmn46 said...

Sound is such a part of most of the world! Even if you are watching a closed-caption show, the words can't portray the action on the screen as it was meant to be.  A few weeks ago during a faculty meeting, the assistant principal asked if we had heard the new cell phone ring. Then he played it. We heard nothing... Why?? Because we are to old! Only 'young' ears can hear this new downloadable cell ring because the pitch is so high. He played it several times and even the youngest faculty member couldn't hear it and she is around 25. One teacher asked what it sounded like and ass't principal said he didn't know.... He said if any of us saw the kids looking around, it was probably a cell phone.  BTW, students are not allowed to have cell phones in the school.  

msecz said...

sounds like a good deal to me.... I don't like loud but clear is good isn't it.... glad they have nice hearing aids for you. Sandra