Saturday, August 26, 2006

Weekend Assignment -- The Place Where I Live

John Scalzi asks us what is the most interesting thing about the place where you live -- in my case, Merced, California.

Merced is known as the Gateway to Yosemite.  That is not exactly earth shaking... to be known as the entrance to some place important. Yosemite is unique, and to get to THAT place, one way is through THIS place.  Nice to be a gateway, but there are other ways to get to Yosemite, say Fresno, California, or Lone Pine, California.  But if you come by bus or train, sure enough, you stop at Merced...and take ANOTHER bus.  It is worth a visit, really, and say "hi" as you pass through.

Merced is a nice enough town, as a town, or city.  It has one of the campuses of the State University, and that is nice, being a college town.  We're not RAH RAH drinkin' beer college town yet, but there is hope. The city's lake, named Lake Yosemite, naturally, is not big enough for crew racing, but it is big enough for naked college hi-jinks if they will only get the idea sooner or later.  Maybe when they get some fraternities and sororities.




kateh2ocolorart said...

Merced has also won several "Tree City USA" awards, which is very nice in the hot summers!

coelha said...

I love Yosemite!!  My father was born in Winton, and would often go to Merced many times..  :)