Sunday, October 29, 2006

1961 Mustang

Joanne, a caregiver here at the old folks home, read my entry about tablemate Wilma who hides the jam dispenser in the napkin storage cupboard, and thought it was cute.

"What did Wilma say when she read it," asked Joanne.

"Heavens, I didn't show it to Wilma," I replied.  Joanne thought that was even funnier.

"Write about me," she said.

Okay, Joanne works on Saturdays only.  "What do you do the rest of the week," I asked her.

"I go to school."  But, not being a good reporter, I forgot to ask her what she is studying.

I love to see her arrive on Saturday. She drives in in her 1961 white Mustang convertible, with the top down. It is NOT a restored 1961 Mustang convertible  It is ORIGINAL.  And if it is missing a piece or two, you don't notice.  She is sporty and happy. 

I took a picture of it, and it looks new, but alas I cannot find the picture in the computer to show you here. 

So, Joanne, here is the entry about you. 


fisherkristina said...

Hi Joanne!


bamawmn46 said...

Hi Joanne!!  Hope you're doing well.  So, what are you studying in school?

funnyface0s0 said...

Hello Chuck - i found your journal while wandering thru journaland and i've taken a liking to yours so i hope you don't another reader!    The Mustang convertible sounds fabulous, would love to see the photo when you find it.   I myself drive a Mazda MX5 convertible and there is nothing better than driving with the top down the wind in your hair on a sunny day to blow away the cobwebs!     Say 'hello' to Joanne for me.

queeniemart said...

Say hello to Joanne for me. I want to see her car too, if you can find the pic. My husband loves looking at old cars that are still on the road. Something tells me your caregiver has a story to tell!
lisa jo

plieck30 said...

Hi Joanne: My daughter drove a mustang back and forth to college too in the days when CB's were popular. Her handle (cb name) was Butterscotch Babe. Wishing you good luck with your studies and take good care of our friend Chuck. Paula

kateh2ocolorart said...

Jackie asked a good question...what ARE you studying?  And where?  chuck's daughter, Kate

desannie said...

My very first car was a brand new 1967 Mustang.  The only one I was ever able to pay cash for.  I LOVED that car!!  I really hated to sell it after 9 1/2 yrs w/only 51,000 miles on it.
I do envy her!   Annie

reconcilinglife said...

Love these entries Chuck. Glad to see this one...How is Wilma doing today? bam