Sunday, October 29, 2006

I Ain't Got No Scurvy

If you have to be addicted to something, then being addicted to Limes is not such a bad deal.  Limes are always available, though the price varies according to which week we are in.

Limes at Sav-Mart were six for a dollar today. I bought a dozen.  Last week they were a dollar a dozen, so I bought two dozen.  I ate that two dozen in about a week. I cut about three a day in half, steel my senses, and eat 'em like oranges.  My gawd they sting.  But the flavor is wonderful.

Tablemate, Wilma, asked if they "help".  So I said, "Well, I sure won't get scurvy."

 The British navy has used limes for a couple of hundred years to prevent scurvy. Prior to that, a voyage of over three months could prove fatal to a quarter of the crew.  Scuvy, untreated, is fatal.  That's how the British sailors, and hence, all Brits, became nick-named Limey.

German naval ships did the same thing with saurkraut, and Germans were nick-named Krauts.  I could easily become addicted to saurkraut, too, but Limes are cheaper.

And although Limes were used for centuries to prevent scurvy, it was not until 1932 that anyone knew why.  It's the vitamin C, you see. 

Wikipedia, the online encyclopaedia, will tell you more about Limes and Scurvy than you need to know.


msecz said...

Interesting ~ I think I will buy some limes the next time I go to the grocery store,,,, Goodnight now, Sandra

garnett109 said...

I use limes in my cola!

funnyface0s0 said...

Hello Chuck - i am British (i live in Cornwall South West England) and i never knew that interesting fact about the Brits being called Limey!!!!

mtrib2 said...

Now I think I will buy some limes and try adding the juice to my prune juice with diet citrus soda that I make.    mark

reconcilinglife said...

that was pretty cute Chuck.........I like lime juice in salad. Bam

tendernoggle said...

You know , Chuck, I have never eaten a lime in my life...Are they as sour as a lemon, or worse???
Take care now,