Friday, October 13, 2006

Nightly Visit

Here I am, making my nightly visit to the journal. 

I enjoy this moment.  I review the journal and read the comments.

And I get ideas for new works: say, make the tubs all black.  What would that do?  Or, save those shades of blue in a tiny pallet and re-create the design with spray can, drawing the main path on top of them in white. 

Last night I literally dreamed up an episode for a story I am writing about life in a beach resort community.

And as I write this, the television is quietly playing classical music and there is a music appreciation lesson going on.  You don't get that in daytime, only day time drama. (Soap Operas)

Sleep?  I can do that in the daytime, usually right after the heavy lunch. Let the fish or beef or chicken digest.

Hmm, did you know that Schonberg moved away from tonality and after Tristan and Isolde, music was changed forever. You don't hear stuff like that in daytime.

I could stay up all night, but I think I'd better not.


kateh2ocolorart said...

Interesting idea to make all the tubs black...wonder what that would look like!
I wonder what it means to move away from tonality...? and could one do that in visual art?

mtrib2 said...

Soothing music can let one's mind elevate to a level of serenity and meditation.    My favorite music has gone from rock n' roll to the blues and now I am acquiring a taste for the classical.    mark