Sunday, October 29, 2006

Return to Standard Time

This is the night when people will (1) set their clocks back to standard time when they go to bed, or (2) set their clocks back when they get up in the morning, or (3) most likely, forget to set their clocks.

But the OFFICIAL time to reset clocks is at 2 am daylight tme to 1 am standard time.

Since I am a night owl, I thought I might as well set the clock back at the official hour.  So in fifteen minutes it will be 1 am, all over again.

That will at the exact moment I get this posted.  I wonder what time will appear on the aol time stamp.on this entry. It takes about fifteen minutes for me to get this proof read , corrected, font set, and sent.



chasferris said...

LOL...3:47 EST  

mavarin said...

You would think computers and blogging services would know what time it is, but they seldom do.  Anyway - nyah, nyah - herein AZ I don't have to do a darn thing to the clock - except set the alarm to get up for church! - Karen

garnett109 said...

Happy Day Light Savings Time!