Monday, October 30, 2006

Name a Song Starting with the Letter "I"

 George, our volunteer piano player for the old folks home has a collection of sheet music that numbers nearly 6000 titles, all alphabetized.  He comes twice a week bringing a brief case stuffed with a section of his collection. Usually all the tunes he plays start with same letter. 

George has us guess the name of the tune he is playing. We are entertained and our brains exercised.  He helps by playing them in alphabetical order, too.

Sunday, October 29, 2006 George played
I almost fell in Love
I am an American
I believe
I cain’t say no
I can dream, can’t I
I can’t begin t tell you
I can’t get started with you
I could have danced all night
I could write a book
I cover the waterfront
I cried for you
I don’t care if the sun don’t shine
I don’t know enough about you
I don’t know why
I don’t want to set the world on fire
I don’t want to walk without you
I dream of you
If I could be with you
If I didn’t care
If I had my way
If ever I loved you
I’ll walk alone
If this isn’t love
If you knew Susie,
And that was just one fourth of  the "I" songs.  Stay tuned.

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nyboots said...

What a great idea for an activity! Thanks for the idea!! Ginger