Monday, October 23, 2006


I think I could cut down on the number of "typos" in my entries in my journal, if I would change the typeface. When text is entered, the face that it appears in the entry window, is not always the face that appears in the journal.

My favorite font, Comic Sans Serif, appears in the entry window in some other form, and it is tiny. I strain and struggle along trying to read the tiny print. I make lots of errors that I don't discover until I hit SAVE, and it appears in final form.  Then I have to go back and edit the entry.  Sometimes I give up, and leave the typo because the editing is too much trouble.

But this font, Verdana, appears nice and large in the entry window.  So this is a test, to see how it looks in final form. 

I think I'll stick with blue type on white background.


mtrib2 said...

Apparently you are unable to change the font size in your entry bar for the other font.    I find Verdana to be a good font to use for my entries and have no problem increasing the font size.    Your choice of colors for your entry is pleasing to the eye and easy to read.    mark

deslily said...

i do hate that what we see is not what we get when we hit save!!

however..have you tried the spell check??
another thing you can do is to make a "private journal" and don't give out the address... write your post there and save and edit as much as you want until it's the way you want it.  Then highlight it all in "edit mode" and use Control  C... (to copy, it won't let you copy with a mouse)  and then go into edit on your normal journal and after getting your cursor blinking where you want it, then hit Control V (paste)  

In a private journal  you do all you want, you can save as many times as you want, leave it and come back later, etc before putting in this journal. You can also delete the post in the private journal once you've save it here.  To open one you don't have to fill in any of the sidebars.. just click to make a post and have at it.

jocalodave said...

Hi Chuck, long time, no see.

I missed you at the last couple of lifewriting get-togethers. I'm taking it personally since I was in charge. The good news is that Ron will be back on Wednesday and things will be back to normal. Hope you can make it.

We're kind of spoiled in the Wiz-EEE-wig world we now live in (What You See Is What You Get) and expect everything having to do with the computer will follow that model.

But input/output online between millions of computers isn't the same as it is on your standalone computer. Messages are almost always transmitted as sections of coding -- and "special codes" are kept to a minimum so the files are pretty much universally readable.

You can't always (maybe not even usually) specify formatting details like fonts, character spacing and even type sizes. Even when you think you've got the output just where you want it, you'll often discover that others see something very different.

Different operating systems (windows, MacOX, Linux) different platforms (PC, Mac), different browsers (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera), different display cards (who knows the brands?) and different screen resolution settings (1024X768,800X600,1280X1064) and different color quality (32 bit, 16 bit, monocolor). And the internet has computers connected that are as old as the hills along with prototypes you and I can't even get a look at.

Bottom line: there are a whole lot of compromises involved in cyberspace. In order for it to work pretty well for all of us, it rarely works perfectly for any of us. Chalk it up to free enterprise and a rate of progress like nobody has ever seen.

Even as you curse it, ya gotta love it!


magran42 said...

I fully believe the typos HIDE until we hit save!

desannie said...

I've always used the Veranda font with a larger print because of my vision, but I think I'll check out your Comic Sans Serif next time to see how different it is.