Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Writer's Class

I got to writer's class and it was fun.  I was an hour and a quarter late beause the dial-a-ride bus was AN HOUR AND THREE QUARTERS LATE.

It is almost more trouble to get there than it is worth.

The topic was "songs that have meaning for us".  I got to sing my country song, My Dog Blue. 

A fifteen minute power writing topic, completed during the class was Halloween.  Almost all the seniors told about Halloween before "Trick or Treat" meant treat, and indeed meant Trick.  Several kinds of innocent vandalism were remembered, especially "Outhouse Tipping".

Did we all come from rural America?  Surely there weren't that many outhouses. 


plieck30 said...

There were outhouses here in south texas and they always ended up where they didn't belong. Paula

fisherkristina said...

LOL, outhouse tipping.  In my neck of the woods, all year long, we did cowtipping.  Not me of course, 'cause that would have been mean.  Still, a rural thing.  But as we got closer to town, we would go "toiletpapering".  You know, papering the trees and houses with toilet paper.  Hey, that kind of goes along with your bathroom theme!  Oh gee, Chuck, I am in such a silly mood tonight!

That class sounds so neat!

Sorry the transportation is so rotten.  Sometimes John and I have to take the disabled transportation (county), and NO, it usually is not worth it.  But what are you going to do?



kateh2ocolorart said...

I remember being about 7years old and had to "perform a trick" so that all the kids at the door could get the treats!  I was the hero!
It was the trick with the match and "Dig that CRAZY scooter!"
So, I made the neighbor lady do the trick and she laughed and gave us all candy.  I think I was the youngest at the door at that moment...probably was REALLY cute!

And TPing and egg throwing and pumpkin smashing still happen here, even when we DO give them all treats!  

garnett109 said...

before indoor plumbing every yard had them!

tendernoggle said...

I most certainly did come from rual and all! lol