Saturday, October 21, 2006

Crazy Like a Fox II

Watch the World Series on Fox.  On Fox?  How did Fox get into  this?  World Series has always been on NBC, hasn't it?  And ABC had Wonderful World of Sports featuring the thrill of victory and the...ah..agony of defeat.  Splat. Some strange isolated years CBS had the Olympics or the Series, but that was a fluke.  The World Series belonged to NBC.

And they paid dearly for the privilege.

How did Fox out bid them? That was risky.  If the Series happened to be dull, and sometimes it is, the advertisers would stay away in droves selling their soap, soup, suds, and such drivel elsewhere.  But the costs would go on.  Even with Tommy Lasorta making the promos, you have to have the ratings to pay the bills.  Tommy can only get you so many viewers.

CBS, keep your EYE on Fox, they're proud as a PEACOCK, NBC. Fox, the sports network.  It is enough to make ESPN shake in its boots.

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garnett109 said...

I remember when i was a kid, they use to hawk two commercials back the....
Gillette and Toyota!