Sunday, October 22, 2006

Where's the Damn Jam?

All of us seniors at the old folks home have idiosyncracies, and one of the weirdest is that of my tablemate, Wilma.

Wilma gets to breakfast first.  For some reason she has taken a dislike to the little rack of indiviual servings of jam.  "That takes up too much space on the table," she says.  It doesn't.  It is a table for four and only two of use come to breakfast. But for some reason the jam rack annoys Wilma.

So she HIDES IT.

There is a napkin storage cupboard behind Wilma's chair, and, before I get there, she hides the jam in the cupboard and shuts the door. I arrive sip coffee and butter my toast, but... where's the damn jam? By now Wilma is back in her room, chortling no doubt, about the jam stash.

Every morning I have to go to the napkin cupboard and get the jam. No big deal, but curious and annoying.  I may have to speak to her about it.... again.


garnett109 said...

Jeeze I don't know what say on that one but it looks like you are in a bit of a jam there!

bamawmn46 said...

Good one, Garrnett!!  LOL  Perhaps you can think of something to jam up the jam thief!

plittle said...

  Next time, get three or four packages of jam. Use what you need on your toast, and put the rest in your pocket. The next morning, use the jam you have left over from the day before. When you are finished breakfast, as you are leaving the table, go on over and get a couple more for the next day. But leave the jam in the cupboard, so Wilma will wonder why it's not on the table the next morning.

reconcilinglife said...

I love these entries. any chance of a photo of Wilma? Bam

plieck30 said...

Oh that Wilma! Paula

tendernoggle said...

lmao lmao
I am sorry, I tried not to laugh, I really really di, but I could not help it....Chuck, it is the little things that are apt to drive you mad, you know! lol
I would be tempted to sneak into the dining area earlier than Wilma one morning and hide the table and leave the jam holder on the floor~! lol lol