Thursday, October 19, 2006

Two AM Came Early

Here I am at my two AM journal entry post, and it is only Eleven thirty.  That is what happens when you go to bed at nine.

Well, the Cardinal-Mets games was over, so I turned in.  Cardinals get to meet Detroit in World Series tomorrow.  A couple of hours sleep, and I pop up eager to write.

Cardinals and Mets played game in the rain last night. It used to be that when it began to rain, a baseball game was stopped, the field covered with a tarp, and the game was delayed.  The players went into the club house to do whatever they do during cards, drink hot soup, whatever.  The fans huddled under grandstand roof and did whatever they did, too, like drink beer, boast and brag, wave silly little pennants.  When the rain stopped, the game resumed and they finished the game. 

If the rain kept up, spectators were given a "rain check" and told to go home.  The rain check could be redeemed as admission at some later game.  I think there was no money-back guarantee. 

Thank goodness for the Domes, covered arenas big enough to hold a whole baseball game.  If it rains, so what, you hold the game indoors.  Some Domes are convertible.  Nice day, put the top down...(actually roll back the top), if it starts to rain, put the top up.  I'd like that arrangement in a house.  You could even make it automatic, with a rain sensor to control the top, in case you were napping or out for a stroll.  

No need to go outside to view the stars at night.  Push a button and the roof rolls back, and you are there under the night sky.  I think that sounds romantic. As a  matter of fact, observatories have been doing that for years. 

Anyway, the game last night was a thriller.  A cliff hanger with each team in contention until the last out.  It aint over til it's over.  

My Two AM entry is finished, and it isn't midnight yet.  


garnett109 said...

My Met's , I'm Crying!

mtrib2 said...

I wrote a 2:30 a.m. email to my brother last night and have not been feeling or sleeping well.   The Cards and the Mets was a nail-biter!    I live in S. Illinois and have driven past Busch Stadium and have seen one game there many years ago.    With their new stadium that I have only seen on TV and them being in the series is grand.    Last years White Sox win had not gotten my attention at all.    This year I am excited about the starting game Saturday night.     This should be a good one!    mark