Monday, October 30, 2006

If I Were a Young Man

If I were a young man...

... I would still be flying my Ercoupe, the little two-place low-wing mono plane I had for years.  With other Ercoupe owners, we had group fly-ins weekly all over California and Arizona.  We were part of the jet-set with breakfast in Corona, Lunch at Anaheim, Supper in Santa Paula.  I even had a buffalo burger on Catalina Island one day.

...I would take a cabin cruiser up the inland water way from New Orleans to Bar Harbor.  You can cruise in safety all that way without setting foot in the Atlantic. What a way to travel.

...I would take a motor-home and follow the Lewis and Clark trail from St. Louis up the Missouri River and down the Columbia to the Pacific.  I would try to recapture the adventure they had exploring the Louisiana purchase.  What took them two years would, today, make a fine six-week sight seeing journey.

...With my motor home I would also follow the Santa Fe trail west.  I have actually stood in wagon tracks made by covered wagons in the middle of the nineteenth century.  I could use more of that.

...I would learn to play the piano. I loved to fiddle with the piano when I was a kid, and enjoyed picking out songs by ear.  With just a little introduction to music, I could now doodle on my keyboard in earnest.

...I would make a greater effort to learn a second language.  I was too lackadaisical in my efforts to learn Spanish, French, and Russian

...I would do again what I did right.  Learn photography, computers, Ham radio, touch typing. These interests have stuck with me and made my old age quite bearable. Also I learned to fly a plane and pilot a boat. I would again have a swimming pool.  I would repeat having a family  I would try to avoid wars,  however, and stepping on land mines.

Young folks, pay attention to grandfather. Do it now.  Have adventures and follow your passions with enthusiasm.  You get too old too soon.


garnett109 said...

Wow you did all that? I would love to travel The Lewis and Clark trail and perhaps motor a bout in the Gulf! Great entry for today!

funnyface0s0 said...

Hello Chuck - loved this are so full of enthusiasm for life, you're fab!

reconcilinglife said...

I really enjoyed this entry. I would like to do some of those things as well. I bet flying a plane is an incredible feeling. bam

fisherkristina said...

Thanks for the advice Chuck.  You are causing me to reevaluating some things here.  While I still can.


tendernoggle said...

Wow! CHuck you have lived a good life!!! I flew once in the bubble of a helicopter and I was in Heaven for the few minutes I was up there, Chuck...It was so awesome...the pilot told me he thought I would be able to learn easily...And YOU DID IT>>>>YOU ACTUALLY FLEW A PLANE!!!! WOW!!! IT had to be a wonderful feeling!
And you you actually stood in the ruts of a 1800's wagon wheel out west...How awesome was that!!!! WOW!
You probably have guessed I am a history buff...Love it...
Thanks so much for this entry Chuck....