Thursday, October 19, 2006

Not Enjoying It

Up at two am and NOT enjoying it.  Change of medication no doubt. But the change is working in other ways. 

Sigh, there is always a trade off.

Can't think of a single amusing thing to chat about.  Hmm, I was a big winner at the evening Rummy game. I enjoyed gloating about that.  The others took it in good spirits and teased back.

Ages of the  rummy players: 74, 82, 85, 87, 90,   IQ required to play the simplified version of Rummy that we play: 69.  Boring factor after the first two nights: 117%., and we play seven nights a week.  One usually has to win two hands to make a game.  We play about 8 to 10 hands each evening after supper. 

The same five of us play nightly.  Visitors drop in and watch the game, and are invited in, but usually decline.  Not everyone can stand such a juvenile game.  Most frequently heard comment:  That's not the way WE play Runmy.  Most frequent response: we had to "dumb the game down to our level".

The other night Jim and I were early, so we played a hand of Gin Rummy, and really had to THINK. We won't do that soon again. (Oh, the Gin game was weird.  We played it with our usual double deck of rummy cards, containing four Jokers.  Imagine Gin Rummy with jokers.)

The Rummy game started years ago when Jim and I used to play Cribbage after supper.  When a third person, Wilma, joined us the Cribbage got awkward. And when a fourth joined us, Ted, we had to switch games.  At other times we have tried Uno, Rook. Rummicubes, and even Dominoes, but we keep coming back to Old Folks Rummy, our "dumbed down" version of the children's  game. 

Doesn't it get boring?  Oh, my, yes.

(But it beats Bingo, the other Old Folks favorite.)


garnett109 said...

Did You ever find that 3 legged bitch? Any game is good to have fun and pass the time! Have a great day!

reconcilinglife said...

I love these entrys Chuck. They may seem boring to you..but not to me....The "Dumbed down" rummy game sounds like a great way to pass the time. Bam

jevanslink said...

The good news -- you've got a load of friends to play cards with.  The bad news -- there is no bad news.  

Mrs. L

tendernoggle said...

Hey, I like your early entries!!!lol

nyboots said...

I can relate to almost all of ur entries..u have no idea how u crack me up!!! thank u for the laughs and the gift of ur journal!!! say hi to Wilma for me!!...Ginger