Saturday, September 9, 2006

Dribble -- The Movie --The Saga continues -- Chapter 3

Another two hours...with same results...confusion.

This downloaded a copy of the camera manual.  Instructions say open Windows explorerand double click on "Removeable storage".  That would be the camera.  But I forgot.  The camea has to be ON.  Back to start.

Camera On, on playback, set on first video.  Ooops.  No removeable storage to be found.  Fiddle around looking for removeable storage or something like it.  Hey found an earlier First Video..made with the web cam...but no sound.  I think I reported on that...say a month ago.  Well, it is still here and still silent.  Ho hum

Nearing bedtime.  How can I sleep with all this stuff roaring through my head?



garnett109 said...

good luck chuck!

plittle said...

Hey Chuck,
  How do you transfer the pictures from your camera to the computer?