Friday, September 22, 2006

Insomniac Almanac -- Chapter Eight

Here I am at three am at my familiar post, the keyboard. Not really an insomniac tonight.  Has a good sleep earlier.  I was not tossing and turning. Was passing computer on way back from the bathroom, and thought I'd just take a peek at the comments left in my journal. They are precious to me. (Thank you, kindly.)

At this hour I spend brain time programming my day.  The van needs washing, and how will I fit that in?  I use my van so infrequently now that the question is...will it start?  High gas prices don't bother me... I haven't put in any gas THIS YEAR. And it is September. I am still operating on December gasoline. And it hasn't been washed this year, either.  Imagine how it looks. 

I plan my attack on the Movies in My Journal Project, too.  I will load the Polaroid camera program in my Dell lap top, and try to follow the manual protocol in it.  It is newer.  The H-P desktop is an antique...(2001).  With the desk top I can go so far, and then the instructions and the screen don't match. 

Computers get out of date very quickly.  I started in 1979 with a TRS-80.  Got me started fine with 4K memory. That was it...4K total. (Up to 40 GB now.)  Have owned about three of those, and a Commodore 64 or two and about three tiny 1K gizmo(*) that use the TV for a monitor. Then a Mac, and finally two H-P and the newest, Dell Lap top.  Let's see, let's count them up...ah... thirteen computers.  Plus,the bank loaned me one free to try video banking... That was only a moderate success and I soon returned the computer and did my banking in the normal way... from the window of my car at the drive up teller.

Well, here it is three forty... back to bed for a couple more hours.  The morning hours are the best and most restful.  Been fun chatting with you..

(*) TI99...Texas Insturment... a one K machine sold in drug stores for as little as $49 at one point.  Never made much of a splash in the computer world, but was a fascinating device, more a toy than a computer.


garnett109 said...

well good morning chuck it is 6:46 am in Pa.
Have a great day!

jckfrstross said...

Chuck you always make me smile:) hope you could sleep for a few more hours. Enjoy your Friday


hunybea4him said...

I'm still on my first desk top puter.. about 5yrs old (with some upgrades since)  I'd really love a laptop and give this one to the kids.. ahh Christmas is coming lol.

I make lists in my head before I fall off to sleep.. but ofcourse all is forgotten by the time I wake.. better for me to just write it down but often I just go with the flow and live by the seat of my pants lol " )

Have a Blessed Day Chuck.. take pics of your van.. before and after the washing.

Much Love

reconcilinglife said...

Have a restful day Chuck.............Bam

mavarin said...

Two different people in the 1980s told us that "You'll never need a computer with more than 64K of memory."  (Snicker)

mtrib2 said...

Seafoam is a good additive to put in your gas tank if the vehicle is going to sit for months at a time.     It helps to stabilize it from deterioration and creating varnish that can clog the fuel system.     I still have my 55 MHz IBM that my Dad gave me in the mid 90's.     I maxed it out at 16 MB ram.    I have to have my second computer, a Pentium 1 166 MHz with with 60 MB ram, so that I can run my old Canon 5000 printer that makes my art prints at 11 X 17 inch on Kodak Gloss Photo paper and only works with drivers from Win95.     I keep my oldest computer next to my painting easel with my 17 inch monitor to enlarge detail on photo's I've taken to work from.    The computer's that you have experienced are fantastic as they were the newest thing to have at the time.     I purchased my Dell 3 GHz with HT technology and 512 MB ram a year and 2/3's ago.    I plan on keeping it until it costs more to repair than get a new one.     I got the extended to 4 years warrenty.     mark