Thursday, September 28, 2006


I went to the Writing for Seniors class at the Senior Center yesterday.  It was fun, and stimulating, to be among seniors whe keep blogs, journals, diaries, and who keep writing because it is in their blood.

Most of the writing seems to be nostalgic, and also seems to be for the future.  It is an attempt to preserve the past, our little personal bits of history.

At one point the leader gave us one word, STANDARDS, and asked us to write whatever came to mind.  In about twenty minutes all fifteen seniors had written something, and read it aloud.  Interesting, each writer, except me,  ended with a little "kicker" or concluding comment and summed up the essay. Here is my effort


To the musician:

  I've got the world on a string

  When the saints go marching in

To the School teacher

  No chewing gum in class

  Raise your hand before speaking

To the Parade Marshall

   The American Flag goes to its own right

   and never touches the ground.

To the Preacher

   The ten commandments and the beatitudes

   The Lord's Prayer, and the Golden Rule

To the Writing Instructor

   No double negatives at ANY, not "no", time

   No narratives in the second person

So mine had no "kicker" summing up.  Should have been about blogs or something.  Guess I'll let you finish it for me.


garnett109 said...

you are on your own on that one

bamawmn46 said...

And to each, be there no double standards!

reconcilinglife said...

How bout this one Chuck?....

To J-Lands Greatest Blogger:

Never leave and assignment like this to
Your faithful readers

Do it yourself

...Lol. Bam