Sunday, September 24, 2006

Movies in my Journal -- Losing Ground

Sad report.  I am losing ground in the battle to get movies in my journal.  Where I WAS:  I had a short video on my entering the lobby of the Old Folks Home where I live.  It was in the digital camera.

I had transferred a movie from computer to journal. It was silent and all the wrong color, but it MOVED.

What I couldn't do was load the movie from the camera to the computer. I still can't.

What happened next: (1) while trying to transfer the movie for the tenth time or so, I ERASED IT.  Now I had nothing to put in journal even if I counquered the beast at the impasse.

So I (2) set up the camera near my keyboard.  I went and practiced playing and singing "Bill Grogan's Goat" several times.  When I had that ready, I started the camera, tried rolling to the keyboard in my power chair, got tangled, knocked off one shoe, continued anyway, started keyboard, played and started to sing the old folk song.  But being on camera so bollixed up my mind that I forgot the words, (to that old saw I have done a million times before), got off rhythm, and tried to shut off everything.  In the excitement I wet my pants.... I used to have a puppy that did that...lose control when she got excited.

I hope no one invites me to sing in Carnigie Hall. 

I got control, shut off and erased that horrible experiment.  That's where I stand.  I don't even have a movie to put in my journal even if I learn how to transfer it from camera to computer.

I have learned two things (1) rehearse until you can do it in your sleep, and (2) have a camera man to start and stop the camera.

Orson Welles used to write, produce, direct, and ACT in his own movies.  I am no Orson Welles.

So the saga continues.... you will stay turned in, won't you?



garnett109 said...

Sorry for laughing Chuck!
I sent my friend over to your journal about a week ago to try to help you I guess that did not help ! Keep trying ! I'll see who else knows how!

jckfrstross said...

i am pulling for you chuck:) i can't even begin to know how to put the movie thing in a journal. so you will be my hero when you do:)


memes121 said...

Don't give up friend! Remember Help Wanted? I changed the name but you can still ask questions. Read the About Me. New things are coming and we would all love to have you along for the ride! Tammy

bamawmn46 said...

Chuck, you've made more advances in putting movies in your journal than I ever have even tried!!  I'm just waiting until you figure it out and then tell me how simple it is to do! LOL  Keep up the good work!

tendernoggle said...
Chuck, I don't know about anyone else here, but I am getting such a kick out of hearing about you TRYING TO GET A VIDEO....that when you do get the video, I am going to miss this part of it! lol lol lol
Best laugh I have had all day!
Bless your heart, I do hope that things go easier for you though!

reconcilinglife said...

That was great Chuck. I am staying tuned as always, Bam

fisherkristina said...

I don't think I have laughed so hard in who knows how long.